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Nile Dweller Journal Entry


Dear Diary, 


      I am Senem. I am the brother of king Menes I also figured out how to plant (on accident). It was insane one second I was walking and the next I dropped a seed and the next morning I saw a seedling growing. At first I didn’t tell anybody but I knew people would catch on soon so I told my best friend and my mom and dad. My mom showered me in kisses and hugs and told me she New I you do something amazing one day.

I soon started putting water on them and they were better quality and tasted better. So I repeated it again and again until we had more food than any other farmer in our village. I thought I should tell someone or I will get in trouble so I told everybody. King Menes said he figured out how to plant and stole my glory.


From yours truly


Image Credit:
Harvest by Peter Isotalo under public domain


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